Underwater Wonderful Takabonerate National Park

Selayar is one of the islands in Indonesia, located in the south of Sulawesi. As the islands, then the screen has a series of islands spread of both large and small, whether inhabited or not inhabited. Overlay these islands have a very rich marine potesi that must be developed and preserved for the benefit of society and the nation a screen especially Indonesia and even the international world in general. Potential sea is what brings a screen known until kemancanegara, through underwater natural beauty is so stunning, known as national parks taka Bonerate.
Taka Bonerate is an archipelago area in the Flores sea. Taka Bonerate a screen in the local language means “rock mound in the sand”. Geographically located in the sea Taka Bonerate flores at 120 055 ‘- 121 021 east longitude and 6023’ – 7005 ‘south latitude. This area is a cluster of 21 islands including the islands of sand, generally formed from the deposition of sand and bioerosi, which have had a rounded, weathered soils that formed young. This region is the third largest coral atoll with an area of ​​220,000 Ha disunia. Group of coral reefs surrounding him makes Taka Bonerate have a hidden beauty beneath the sea. The potential beauty of the fringing reefs, barrier reefs and atolls provide a variety of uniqueness. With the three types of coral reefs make this marine park has a high biodiversity of biodiversity.
According to the data base, biotic condition Taka Bonerate National Park has 49 genera of coral species, 9 species of the 12 seagrass species in Indonesia, 83 species of macro algae, 362 species of fish, 216 species of molluscs, 4 kinds of turtles and 3 species of sea snakes, 47 types of echinoderms, 3 types of marine mammals and 33 species of birds. In addition, the shape and appearance of small islands are stunning, dazzling white sand which is supported also by the culture and communities that are friendly and interesting. With the underwater world potesi so rich, then the national park taka Bonerate be paradise for the tourists who love water sports especially diving and snorkeling. Dives can be started from the dive spot for beginners to the dive spot is a challenging and extreme, such as diving drop to witness a very challenging biota such as Murray, Shark, Fish and Turtle Pari. And more interesting for fans of underwater photography and keeping objects there is a very beautiful and exotic to capture.

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